Documenting my collection of succulents, cactai and other strange plants. Grown with love, care and total obsession.
Here you will also find some pot-making experiments. And a whole lot of chilli sauce :)



Hi. I am Jen. Plants and spice make me happy :)

Over the last few years I have been propagating and growing succulents, cacti and indoor plants. All sorts of greenery! The regular ones. The rarer ones. Bits of random ones I have broken off. It is fun!  

Plants have taken over my life and my home. I now have a large collection of which I occasionally sell! Hoorah!! 

Also produce hand-made cement pots. Each batch is a bit different, it is one big creative experiment. I also dabble in ceramics - so my pot-making is evolving :)

These two hobbies are starting to merge with a decade long quest to make the best chilli sauce! Have started growing my own chillies in my tiny garden, in planters. My chilli growing and sauce making experiments will also be shared here.


Keep an eye on my Instagram profile for plant sale dates and the occasional online flash sale :)


Delighted to share these hobbies with you.



Woodstock, Cape Town

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